Form QMF21A

Revision C

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Supplier Information Quality Report Required


Attachment A:                         Certificate of Conformance

Each shipment must be accompanied by two (2) copies of company Certificate of Conformance, signed by an authorized representative of the company.


Attachment A1:                       Raw Material Certification

Raw Material Certification must include applicable specification of the material, chemical, physical content, and marking reference in the material specification.


Attachment B:                         Acceptance Test Reports (Burn-In or Test)

The supplier will provide two (2) copies of actual variables data results of functional test.



Attachment C:                         Source Inspection

The supplier will provide for free right of entry to all areas where work is completed on this order.

1.        The supplier will provide for free right of entry to all areas where work is completed on this order.

2.        Right to Inspect.  Tandex Test Labs, Government and or its authorized Representative reserves the right to inspect, any or all of the material included in this order at the Contractor’s facility.

3.        Right of Entry.  Tandex Test Labs and or its customers reserves the right of entry to survey the Contractor’s quality program or inspection system and to verify compliance of all applicable quality records.  Also applicable to the contractors sub-subcontractors.


Attachment D:                         Vendor Survey and Certificate of Calibration

Supplier will supply two (2) copies of certificate showing; accuracy, traceability to NIST, data sheets and list of equipment used by name, model and S/N.   MIL-STD-45622A


Attachment E:                          Special Processes Certification

Supplier will list all special processes used in manufacturing by process and specification.


Attachment F:                          Certification of Qualification Test

Supplier to submit data and/or specification under which product has been qualified.


Attachment G:                         Proof Part

Supplier to furnish sample part for acceptance of tool or test fixture purchased on this order.


Attachment G1:                       Supplier to furnish first article list of each dimension and x-ray dye check results of first article to confirm satisfaction process control.


Attachment H:                         Sample Part

Suppliers to furnish first article or sample part prior to authority to ship this order.


Attachment H1:                       The supplier is to furnish a drawing with a first article inspection report for each dimension listed on the drawing referenced on the Tandex Purchase order.


Attachment J:                          Component Data

Supplier to certify HI-REL test, burn-in, and data of manufacturer with each shipment


Attachment K:                         MSDS


Attachment L:                          Shelf Life Labeling


Attachment M                          OTHER: 

Specify component specification, Process Specification, or Specific Service requirement on Purchase Order:  i.e. calibration on MIL-STD-45662A, etc.


Attachment N:                         ESD Precautions required.


Attachment O                          Record Retention:  Five years unless otherwise specified on Purchase Order.