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SemiconductorTesting Services Cont.

Process Flow Examples 

 Tandex performs Mil-Spec Processes per these specs:

MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-883,  MIL-M-38510, MIL-O-55310, MIL-S-19500,

MIL-PRF-38534, MIL-PRF-38535, SSQ25000, SSQ25001, ESA/SCC No. 22900

Tandex Quality Assurance to:

MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-STD-1535, MIL-STD-410.

High Reliability Space Application Tests, Methods 5000

Electrical Screening for all Class "S" Subgroups:

Electrical Characteristics Test for Bipolar Transistors, Method 3000.

Circuit-Performance and Thermal Resistance Measurements, Method 3100.

Low Frequency Tests, Method 3200.

High Frequency Tests, Method 3300.

Electrical Characteristics Tests for MOS Field-Effect Transistors, Method 3400.

Electrical Characteristics Tests for Gallium Arsenide Transistors, Method 3500.

Electrical Characteristics Tests for Diodes, Method 4000.

Electrical Characteristics Tests for Microwave Diodes, Method 4100.

Electrical Characteristics Tests for Thyristors (Controlled Rectifiers) Method 4200.

Electrical Characteristics Tests for Tunnel Diodes, Method 4300.

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